terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

How everything started

Once upon a time, a girl from a small city of Brazil decided to do some different with her live, follow a way that for some friends of her was complety waste fo time and for others a fantastic experience, so she chose to go to London.
Why London, probably not even her knew why, but should be London, for her " The capital of the new world".

So in the first day of December 2008, there was she completly lost at Piccadilly Circus trying to find her english school. For her that moment was so magical and so exciting, because she couldn't believe that she really was in the city that she was wanted to go, so she was very happy!!

She started the class with a intermediate level group,and was so weird because she was a little bit nervous but at the same time feeling very good.

Of course that the first thing that she had to do was to buy a coat, because the cold was already to much for her. But she didn't care the only thing that she could was smile of everything.

For her the most stunnig thing of London is the Underground, for someone that comes from Brazil that public transportation is horrible, you just can't believe in something so organized.

-Music: " So here we are" Bloc Party

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