terça-feira, 21 de abril de 2009

Paty, querida!!!

As palavras se perdem e as lagrimas rolam pelo meu rosto, pois a sensaçao de vazio esta atracado dentro do meu coraçao. As memorias e as recordaçoes começam a aflorar dentro da minha cabeça e a saudade vai ficando cada vez mais grande, de um tamanha tao gigantesco que a dor parece nao querer ir embora.

Sei que nessa vida nada dura para sempre e que todos nos um dia vamos para outro caminho, mas como e dificil lidar com a perda de alguem tao querido e proximo. Uma pessoa que se torna parte da sua vida, uma mais que amiga, uma irmanzinha.

Patricia, sei que voce vai para um lugar melhor, mas seus amigos aqui vao sentir demasiadamente sua falta, seu jeitinho, sua risada, seu companherismo, sua mente criativa.

Mocinha onde quer que voce esteja saiba que sempre vou lembrar de voce, provavelmente em quase todas minha conversa, pois tantas foram as historias juntas que e impossivel nao lembrar.

E tao arduo imaginar nos tres e saber que voce nao vai mais estar la.

O Sao Paulo futebol clube perdeu uma torcedora assidua e claro o Rogerio Cener uma fa.

Algumas frases desse mentinha...

- Vamos gazelar no campus

-Totem maximo da sensualidade

-Mente criminosa do bullying

-Super sensual

Claro que a musica so poderia ser do Oasis

-Musica: " SuperSonic" Oasis

terça-feira, 14 de abril de 2009

Girls just want have fun !!!!

It is very interesting because sometimes she thinks that she is very old for club, that she doesn't want go anymore, because everything it is the same, just, bla, bla, bla, bla, bla..... because everytime that she goes, she loves.

So, this holiday she went at some very nice places with a friend and she had fantastic time, and was very weird because she was feeling relax and just wanted to have fun. Guess what, that was want she did, she learned how to say " how are you" in irish ( Conas ata tu), laughed so much, danced a lot, and of course finished her night in a very tipical brazilian way that she was missing a lot.

Viva Australia!!!

Music: "Sex on fire " King of Leon

quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

It is all about time

" Time travels in divers paces with divers persons"

( William Shakespeare, As you like it Act III, scene 2)

Everything started with just like an ideia, but when she saw she was already in the boat going to Greenwich. With a beautiful sunshine day, was perfect for this trip. Of course that in the boat had just tourist but she was feeling like one of them.The trip in the boat shows London Eye, London Brigde, The Two Tower, tourists places in London that she had already been, but was very exciting.

Greenwich was a little busy, with a lot of tourists, local people playing in the park, mothers walking with their children, everybody was enjoying the perfect day.So she went to see the zero mark and take pictures, but was a long queue, so she gave up and went to the time museum. For her was very interest the museum, because show the history of the clocks but more them that, tell for the people how time complety control everybody lifes.

Time control ours lifes at work, in ours house, holiday, even ours leisure moments, and for her it's so sad. Even when she lied in the grass with the sun on her face, she looked at the clock to see what time was.

" Getting up time" is one of the most hated moments of the day.The shape of alarm clocks has changed over the years, but they still perform the same function- to break into your dreams and steal away sleep.

-Music : " Boys don't cry" The Cure

terça-feira, 7 de abril de 2009

People tired of London!!!

After four months in London alwasy you talk to people from all the places in the world and today was not different. She spent a lot of time talking to a Colombian guy and he told her that he is sick to death of London and he new lease of live is go back to Colombia. For a moment she thought, " he is not have a good time in London, that's why he wants to go back", but suddely she realized that in London people from South America don't have the same quality of life that they have in their owe countries, because here you alwasy have to think about the route of your work.

So, for some moment she thought, maybe he is right, London is cheat, but of course that after a bit of reflexion she conviced herself that is not like that. There are a lot of moments that you fell some kind of frustation or loneliness, but this is life you can't fell happy all the time, you need the balance. And the ideia of London being boring complety vanish, because London is "fucking"amazing with some many things to do.

- Music: " Dreaming of you" The Coral

How everything started

Once upon a time, a girl from a small city of Brazil decided to do some different with her live, follow a way that for some friends of her was complety waste fo time and for others a fantastic experience, so she chose to go to London.
Why London, probably not even her knew why, but should be London, for her " The capital of the new world".

So in the first day of December 2008, there was she completly lost at Piccadilly Circus trying to find her english school. For her that moment was so magical and so exciting, because she couldn't believe that she really was in the city that she was wanted to go, so she was very happy!!

She started the class with a intermediate level group,and was so weird because she was a little bit nervous but at the same time feeling very good.

Of course that the first thing that she had to do was to buy a coat, because the cold was already to much for her. But she didn't care the only thing that she could was smile of everything.

For her the most stunnig thing of London is the Underground, for someone that comes from Brazil that public transportation is horrible, you just can't believe in something so organized.

-Music: " So here we are" Bloc Party