quinta-feira, 9 de abril de 2009

It is all about time

" Time travels in divers paces with divers persons"

( William Shakespeare, As you like it Act III, scene 2)

Everything started with just like an ideia, but when she saw she was already in the boat going to Greenwich. With a beautiful sunshine day, was perfect for this trip. Of course that in the boat had just tourist but she was feeling like one of them.The trip in the boat shows London Eye, London Brigde, The Two Tower, tourists places in London that she had already been, but was very exciting.

Greenwich was a little busy, with a lot of tourists, local people playing in the park, mothers walking with their children, everybody was enjoying the perfect day.So she went to see the zero mark and take pictures, but was a long queue, so she gave up and went to the time museum. For her was very interest the museum, because show the history of the clocks but more them that, tell for the people how time complety control everybody lifes.

Time control ours lifes at work, in ours house, holiday, even ours leisure moments, and for her it's so sad. Even when she lied in the grass with the sun on her face, she looked at the clock to see what time was.

" Getting up time" is one of the most hated moments of the day.The shape of alarm clocks has changed over the years, but they still perform the same function- to break into your dreams and steal away sleep.

-Music : " Boys don't cry" The Cure

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