quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Three Days of Rain

When she saw the advertising of a play with one of the most best actor in her opinion, she decided that before finished she had to seen. So 3 weeks ago she went to see " Three Days of Rain" with James McAvoy. She was so exciting about that when the play started, she almoust cried, a lot of emotions invaded her body that was very dificult to control the tears. But when James McAvoy first turned up, her heart pulse so fast because she couldn't believe that she was seeing her favorite actor.

The play tells a story about Walker ( James McAvoy) his sister ( Lyndsey Marshal) and their friend Pip ( Nigel Harman) in a Manhattan loft. These three people reunite to settle the estate and determined the future of a house that was buid by Pip's father. However the discovering of a diary brings some revelations about the designed of the house.

The performace of the actors are fantastic, they can complety put you in the centre of the play absolve your entire attencion.

- Some movies starred by James McAvoy : " The Last King of Scotland" and " Atonement".
Music :" Delerium-Silence" - Sarah McLanghlan